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Pet a Penguin

It was so exciting and rewarding to be able to hold and pet a penguin this past March at the North Georgia Wildlife Park. This is Gwen (Pen-Gwen). She was born at the wildlife center. She was so sweet and seemed to enjoy being held. There was another couple that did the experience at the same time I did and she walked around between the three of us and rubbed up against us to be petted when we weren’t holding her.

I had been wanting to do an animal encounter for quite a while. I like to be able to give my guests personal recommendations for things to do in the area. It’s a great experience for both kids and adults.

The North Georgia Wildlife Park has several different animal experiences to choose from. You can swim with otters, as well as help with a training session, and have some play time with them. How about meeting a baby kangaroo or immersing yourself in a wolf experience? As part of this experience, you can help train and feed a wolf.

If you love animals, I highly recommend booking a reservation for one of the animal experiences while you’re in Helen. The North Georgia Wildlife Park is a short drive from each of the Freedom Finder Vacation Rental cabins. Our goal is to help you make lasting memories during your stay. You are sure to make unforgettable memories if you hold a penguin or any of the other animals.

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